The Wrestling Camp and/or clinic is designed to give you a distinct edge over your opponents this season and during the years to come. Since so many wrestlers benefit from the World Class Summer Camp System, we know you can benefit tremendously from this mid-season intensive training camp. Through a carefully designed sequence of personalized instruction, intense drilling and live wrestling, you will come to understand the technique, intensity and commitment required to become a champion

Champions Wrestling School offers a well-structured summer wrestling camps at different locations (commuter and resident) / or with partner clubs in the region throughout year . 


Experienced coaching staffs will be conducting the practices and and share their experience with the campers. And we are so proud to be organizing it for wrestlers from local and surrounding areas. We have created our summer camps that will take the best elements from a Team, Technique and Intensive training camp. And our camp will be great opportunity for teams and individuals to establish camaraderie, leadership and mental strength.  Informative and motivational discussions will also be conducted on important areas of sports science, including: nutrition, weight control, confidence development, mental preparation, and strength training. We have made a commitment to designing and coordinating the finest camp system in the region and we are determined to help you reach your highest goals! 


 Everyone knows that wrestling is an individual sport; however, the team element is an essential ingredient in any wrestler’s success. We recommend that teams come with their full roster in order to get the true meaning of this camp. The camp clinicians and counselors will teach the same cutting-edge techniques and philosophies that are currently being used in the world wrestling. Be prepared to wrestle duals and situational live wrestling daily! Early morning runs and session-ending conditioning will challenge your mental psyche and your emotional toughness. The camps will be demanding, however, it will provide wrestlers with the mental and physical tools needed to be champions in the upcoming season. 



Champions Wrestling School often offers well-instructional wrestling clinics and summer wrestling camps that are designed to get each wrestler or team ready for the season through education, motivation, observation, technique, and training. We especially emphasizes how to train to improve wrestling skills, technique and training for wrestler and/or team ready during the next season, and probably for the rest of their career. As a guest once a while, we get All-Americans, National Champions and international World Class Wrestlers to support Local and Regional Wrestling and they share their unique experience and knowledge to encourage young wrestlers.  


Wrestlers who participate our clinic will be taught fundamental of how to win the match by learning international-level wrestling techniques while you loose the match. So we will be emphasizing how you can turn the match around and make it your day that you will never forget. We  teach leg-in and arm bar series, which are unique techniques in wrestling. I have taught/ and seen these moves that a lot of state and national qualifiers/ champions applied so that they made it their day they never forget.


At the end, because wrestlers at our clinic and/or camp leave with a tremendous knowledge and experience, Champions Wrestling School is proud to offer well-instructed training that highlights developmental needs for each age level with high-tech moves for you.  So do not miss this opportunity!


Champions Wrestling Wrestling Core Philosophy (pdf)